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2 Major Tips for Companies to Avoid ‘The Great Resignation’

It has been said: “Value your employees and they will value your customers.” People who are valued and appreciated tend to pass those same positive vibes and attributes along to your customers. Providing great customer service today means more than just ‘hearing a smile over the phone.’ With automation and virtualization leaving many customers feeling more and more like a number and less like a person, truly excellent service involves going above and beyond the normal call of duty to ensure customers are acknowledged promptly and properly, and that quality services and goods are delivered during each and every engagement.

Keep Employees Aware of Opportunities: Ensure that your employees remain aware of any and every opportunity for growth within the company. Studies have shown that people prefer to advance at companies they’re familiar with, rather than forsaking it all and starting anew. If employees feel that they have reached their height at a company and there is nowhere left to advance, they may begin to look for better opportunities elsewhere. Helping them enroll in programs that allow for them to acquire new skills while allowing them to progress in their current position proves to be helpful for both parties—employees are more likely to remain loyal, and companies are able to retain their outstanding talent. Ensure that their next ‘big opportunity’ is right there within your organization.

Establish Employee Feedback: In today’s world, people are accustomed to a speedy response, and it may be no exception when it comes to seeking feedback. Whether connecting via text, phone, or e-mail, many rely on instant communication to gauge how well they are performing in today’s workplace. Periodic, scheduled reviews go a long way when making employees feel that their concerns are being addressed, and reassuring them that they are progressing within the framework of their overall goals. In addition, providing consistent and timely feedback can help give both the employee and the employer a snapshot of what areas may need to be adjusted in real-time, helping to eliminate the risk of critical performance issues accumulating as a result of inadequate communication and feedback.

Within the past 20 months, many companies have struggled with the effects of the unprecedented mass exodus of employees of every tenure. Incorporating these simple tips can help position your organization to excel as a leader in retention, and a champion for employees.