• Lane Award is a leading award manufacturer in the United States, serving mid to large-sized businesses.
  • More than 50 years experience in helping companies and organizations Experience the Power of Recognition™.
  • Develop custom tailored recognition products and programs that motivate employees, and increase sales and customer satisfaction.
  • A full-service provider of unique, quality awards and promotional products tailored to your company’s budget and image.

Something to Consider…

It’s no secret there are a number of companies in America who are able to supply recognition products. Most of those companies are selling products of various levels of quality. What distinguishes Lane Award Manufacturing from the rest?

We manufacture quality products that are designed to produce results. Results in the form of higher productivity and greater customer satisfaction have a positive impact on our customers competitive edge in the market place.

The foundation of our philosophy is that of quality. Quality ideas, quality products, quality service to our customers, quality feedback from our customers, quality in our employees, and ongoing efforts to develop quality partnerships with our customers.