Why Recognition?

Recognition has never been more important than it is today. Companies must acknowledge their employee, customer, and distributor contributions in order to promote loyalty and commitment to their companies. Time and time again, it’s been proven that increased motivation leads to increased performance. When you show your employees and customers how much you value them, those rewards come back to you in the form of higher productivity, increased sales, and greater customer satisfaction. Come join our team and Experience the Power of Recognition!™

What is involved in setting up a recognition program?

Since recognition is in a sense, rewarding behavior that you wish to sustain, you must first begin by identifying what it is that you want to recognize. The amount of time involved in setting up a program will vary and could take anywhere from several days to several months. Lane Award Manufacturing can take much of that burden off you so as not to add to your present work load. It is our goal at Lane Award Manufacturing to provide you with all the assistance you need to quickly and successfully implement your recognition program(s).

How does one determine how much to budget for a recognition program?

This is determined in part by the type of recognition program you are putting in place and the expected return on value from the program. What you may choose to spend on a “sales award” program is certain to be different that what you might spend on a “years of service” program for all employees. Also the age of your company, type of business and financial resources will have a bearing on what you should budget for a recognition program.

Should I include our corporate logo on awards?

Symbolism is an extremely important element of recognition. To maximize the return on your investment, the award must be unique and exclusive. Your logo is what makes the award exclusive. It provides the connectivity between the achievement and the award as well as your company and the recipient. Your Logo will serve as an everlasting reminder of their experience and achievement at your company.

How important is the award presentation itself?

How an award is presented is key to maximizing a company’s investment and return on recognition. The presentation must be appropriate, done in good taste and thoughtful. It is a celebration and as such should be treated as such. Whether the award is being presented in a formal setting or a more informal setting, or one on one, the concepts of presentation and recognition remain the same. If you would like to know more about the art of award presentation contact us.

How does one differentiate between different levels of recognition and achievement?

As the significance of the achievement goes up so should the perceived and real value of the award increase. Key determinants in perceived value include quality, size, weight, shape and the material makeup of the award. In all cases personalization is critical to maximizing the perceived value of the award. Let our experts help you in selecting the right awards for the right levels of achievement.

Is money a good form of recognition?

While money is often used as a form of recognition studies have shown that rarely does money provide the return on investment that an actual award will. Money is frequently used because it is easy and because many people believe that it is a great award. Unless the financial award is a significant portion of their annual income it will not provide the return on investment the award program is intended to achieve. Research has shown that while competitive pay and benefits may attract the best talents, it is an environment that promotes recognition throughout the company that stands the best chance of retaining their valued employees and sustaining growth. For more information on this area contact Lane Award Manufacturing.