Lane Award Manufacturing confidently makes the following guarantees:

  • Product Repeatability – Because we are the manufacturer, we can deliver the same product each and every time.
  • No Fault Guarantee – If you are not happy with your order, for any reason, we will replace the product or refund your money – period.
  • We absolutely guarantee the quality of our product.
  • Timely Delivery – We guarantee on-time shipment of our products.
  • Tracking of all shipments – Our in house freight tracking system can tell us where any particular shipment is as well as when it is actually delivered. Should any shipment be delayed for some unforeseen reason, you will be quickly notified of the situation so there will be no surprises. Our company understands the significance of timely delivery for award events.
  • Personalization errors corrected promptly – We will quickly correct any personalization issue once we have been made aware of the problem.