As the Holidays approach, you’re probably giving some thought to whether or not you should be giving your customers business gifts. Here are a few rules of the road for corporate gift giving…

When to give gifts:

Christmas seems the obvious choice, but you’re more guaranteed to stand out from the crowd if you send gifts at a time when businesses aren’t deluged by gifts.

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Consider giving business gifts on:

  • Anniversaries (yours or theirs)
  • Referrals
  • Conclusion of a project
  • The customer’s birthday
  • Other holidays (Thanksgiving, New Year’s)


Gift giving etiquette

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There aren’t a whole lot of rules when it comes to giving gifts, but you want to make sure that you present a professional image:

  • Include a hand-written note
  • Present the gift in person, if possible

Who gets the gifts?

If you have the funds to give gifts to all of your customers, go for it. If you’re like the rest of us, give gifts to:

  • Your best customers
  • Customers who regularly refer others to you
  • Good customers you know well