Do you or your company want to recognize someone in a special way, but are not sure what to put on the award?  Receiving an award for accomplishments is one of the most memorable moments in one’s life. Awards are often kept for decades, if not generations, because of the important achievements they represent.

Creating an award that truly honors success and outstanding achievement can be a difficult task. Here are a few simple pointers straight from the experts that will get you started on the right path.


When deciding what to write on the award include:

  • The Recipient:  This may sound like a no-brainer, but it is important to mention. The person receiving the award should have their first and last name appear on the award, as well as their position title if applicable.
  • The Presenter: The individual or company presenting the award can also be chosen to appear on the award. Companies often choose to engrave their logo and may include an additional presenter, such as a president or chairman.
  • The Reason: The reason for presenting the award is also very important to include. The wording can vary from one phrase or sentence or paragraph in length, depending on the size of the award given. A common way to introduce the reason is to use phrases like: “In recognition of,” “In Honor of,” etc.
  • The Location: This can be where the award was presented, where the achievement occurred, or the department of the company in which the person worked.
  • The Date: Depending on the award, this can be the date the award is presented, the years of service, or the date during which the recognized achievement occurred.


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