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3 Tips for Working Successfully from Home

For many employees, being able to transition from working within an office location to working from home has proved to be a welcome relief from the stresses of a daily commute and the added morning tasks of grooming and dressing in formal attire.

For others, it has come with a unique array of challenges, scrambling to make the necessary arrangements required in order to work from home while maintaining productivity and protocols. Add to this the stress of having to adapt to new ways of communicating—such as learning how to join team members for video-conferencing, setting up computer systems to work from an off-site location, etc.—and it becomes undoubtedly apparent that there have been growing pains for businesses and employees alike, as they each worked to navigate through the uncharted waters.

With the technical and logistical kinks now subsiding, the focus for many has shifted to working to maximize their productivity and success within the framework of working remotely.

Here are 3 tips for maintaining success while working from home:

Have a Dedicated Work Area: Your work area should include the tools, space, and equipment you’ll need on a daily basis to ensure you’re able to complete tasks promptly and properly. Ideally, it should be an area that has a door or that can be partitioned off from other activities that may be occurring in the home, and any noises that may lead to distractions.

Prepare in Advance: When prepping for a task that may require additional computer readiness, prepare your work environment in advance to ensure that everything is set to ‘go.’ Is your lighting in a position that properly illuminates your face for video-conferencing? Once the meeting commences, this is not the time to discover that your audio is not working, or that no one has a visual feed from your end. Advanced preparation can help to avoid stressful delays and technical difficulties.

Stay Connected: Employers have various avenues for employees to stay connected and remain in the know of what is going on with the company overall. Be sure to review e-bulletins, newsletters, and any other official sources for communicating crucial updates that can assist you in staying on track with any evolving metrics or expectations that can impact your professional goals and career growth. Connect with your supervisor or manager on a regular basis so that you know what to expect in the weeks and months ahead.

With many professionals worldwide continuing to work from home well beyond the original projections, taking these simple yet vital measures for success will prove key in ensuring that you stay ‘in-the-know,’ and ‘on-the-grow’ with your professional ambitions, regardless of what’s to come.