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Be Prepared for National Employee Appreciation Day!

Finding it challenging to be heading into March so soon? It seems we were just celebrating New Year’s Day and all the promise it brings. And now, we’re turning the corner into March, with its National Employee Appreciation Day.

Let’s face it, we all want to know and feel as if we are appreciated. Genuinely appreciated. That our efforts do make a difference, and that our overall daily contributions are valued at our places of employment.

Companies that boast of stellar employees usually have incentives in place that let employees know that they are valued. They show their appreciation in their Rewards/Awards programs. Here are some suggestions to plan for the upcoming National Employee Appreciation Day:

  • Don’t just ‘think’ your employees feel valued – have systems in place to track and ensure that you recognize their efforts. If there are ways for employees to solicit positive customer feedback, be sure employees know the various avenues to do so.
  • Acknowledge employees’ contributions collectively as a group, as well as individually.
  • Be prompt and consistent with a reward program that is a natural component of the employee recognition process. Ensure your employee recognition is an on-going process that rewards employees in real-time—whether monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

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