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Employee Recognition: An Ever-Winning Model for Success

Regardless of industry, employee recognition should always be considered as not only an integral component of company culture, but also as a fundamental model for success. Employee recognition is designed to reinforce specific practices and behaviors that result in a positive performance from employees, leading to increased productivity and a boost in your company’s bottom line. And that’s only the beginning.

It may come as no surprise to learn that one of the best motivators for employees is for the individual to be held in high esteem by their peers. As their peers understand the tenacity and determination required in order to achieve the necessary performance metrics for earning recognition, they can intrinsically appreciate the contributions of the employees you choose to recognize. This will always invite others to view their high-achieving peers in high regard and look to them as examples for their own goals and accomplishments, perpetuating the positive impact.

Generally speaking, companies that are successful internally have learned the importance of employee recognition and have established solid recognition programs and award ceremonies that employees look forward to attending. They make it a point to selectively honor those goals and attributes that inspire their employees to put forth their best efforts towards becoming (and remaining!) an outstanding contributor and consummate go-getter. Recognizing employees for positive behavior motivates them to continue to develop habits that will earn them future recognition, while earning the company continued success which can continue to grow and blossom organically from within.

There is no limit to the benefits engendered by proper employee recognition. Whether your organization is seeking to establish new ways to recognize outstanding employees or is simply seeking new ideas to spruce up your current employee awards ceremony, Lane Award has the perfect solution for maximizing your success.

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