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Employee Recognition Is More Important Than Ever in 2022

The world has undeniably changed in recent years – and with that change, countless businesses and their many employees have suffered the brunt of the growing pains. Companies, large and small, are struggling with the mass exodus of people leaving the workforce, resulting in employers scrambling to fill positions and train new employees, all while ensuring that proper techniques are in place to retain valuable and loyal personnel.

While we are all looking forward to the New Year, we are also grappling with the uncertainty that is heralded in with 2022. Time is constantly ‘on the go,’ and while the new year has just begun, now is the time for employers to realize that Employee Appreciation Day, March 4th, 2022, lies immediately around the corner!

In these morale-critical days, now is the perfect time to review your current employee recognition program; or for organizations that have yet to properly establish a formal recognition procedure to partner with Lane Award to develop strategic employee recognition programs that perfectly fit your company’s goal of recognizing and rewarding outstanding performers.

Lane Award takes pride in developing the highest quality gifts, promotional items, and handcrafted awards for every occasion. Whether you’re looking for just the right employee recognition program, employee award, corporate gifts, or championship trophies, our team is proud to provide world-class, customized creations that are sure to convey to your honoree just how valued their energy and efforts have and continue to be.

As a recipient of one of our exquisite creations, which are designed to be beautifully displayed, employees will have a timeless keepsake that elegantly represents the depths of gratitude and appreciation from their employer for their noteworthy feats of dedication and success.

As the authority in recognition and achievement, Lane Award understands the importance of a well-planned recognition program. Lane Award Manufacturing would like to be a partner in your efforts to improve employee performance and help you build your business to new heights. Whatever recognition challenges your company may face, Lane Award Manufacturing has the solutions. Let us assist you in creating awards that remain constant reminders of your company’s appreciation and help you and your business truly Experience The Power of Recognition™!

*We’d also like to remind you that next month, Valentine’s Day will be upon us once again! Be sure to check out the unique, personalized gift ideas at Lane Award for your special loved one: Personalized Gifts by Lane Award