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How to Be a Great Leader

Whether you are a manager, a CEO, or a business owner, it’s important to know how to be a great leader to those around you. In fact, when it comes to professional success, it’s important to have strong leadership skills, even if you aren’t in one of these positions. Your goal as a winning professional should always drive you to be someone who others can aspire to be.

Here are a few strategies to help you become the best leader you can be:

Set Clear Goals and Expectations

When you are clear in your approach and what needs to be done, your team will be more efficient. There will be no confusion or questions if you always commit to setting clear goals for those around you. It’s important to be precise and organized as a leader.


Be approachable and connect with the people around you, whether it be people in your office or team members of a project you’re overseeing. Having open communication allows others to feel comfortable asking questions and collaborating with you about ideas.

Teach Instead of Giving Orders

Instead of walking around giving orders because you are in a position of power, try using your position from the angle of teaching rather than telling. You have so much knowledge that you can give to those around you to help them be the best they can be. You can inspire others with your knowledge instead of intimidating them with your power.

Encourage Creativity

Encourage those around you to get creative. When you are in a creative zone, it gets more ideas flowing. Creativity gets people excited and eager to work.

Be Passionate

When you are passionate about what you do in general, or passionate about a current project you’re working on, it will excite those around you. They’ll be excited to listen to you and learn from you. Without passion, it’s hard to get people to have the drive and motivation necessary to reach the end goal with maximum success.

And remember to always add your own personal “oomph!” to your approach to achieving great leadership. Sometimes, the best secret weapon in your arsenal can be your own incredible, intrinsic instincts that got you where you are today. Whatever it may be – be sure to always pay it forward to achieve the ultimate win.