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Impactful Recognition for Sales Professionals: How Awards Can Boost Your Bottom Line

If ever you’ve attended a corporate team-building workshop, chances are you’ve become familiar with the notion of ‘personality types.’ From the Intuitive to the Sensing, and the Thinking to the Feeling, our personalities determine not only how we act, but also how we react and interact. When looking to get the most out of your employee recognition efforts, it is always a good practice to start by knowing your recipient.

While there are a handful of different personality types that collectively represent the vast majority of sales professionals, it is no secret that extroversion tends to be overwhelmingly present across the board. Unlike their introverted counterparts, extroverts tend to draw their energy from external stimuli. They are drawn to the limelight and typically welcome recognition with open arms.

Many studies have demonstrated a strong correlation between employee happiness and employee productivity, and many others, the impact that appropriate recognition can have on employee satisfaction. We know from this notion that impactful employee recognition can not only positively impact revenue, but also strengthen workplace morale.

As extroverted individuals typically enjoy public accolades for recognition, formally presenting the recipient with a well-crafted, visually astounding award can be a powerful motivator. Here are some tips and best practices for maximizing the impact of your recognition award efforts:

#1. Personalize, Personalize, Personalize! – Try selecting an award that includes not just the recipient’s name, but also their achievement, the presenter/company name, the date, etc. Personalized awards are perceived as more ‘authentic’ displays of appreciation, and tend to hold a significantly higher value to the recipient.

#2. Make It Their Moment – Remember, extroverts enjoy public displays of appreciation. Be sure to present the award in a large group setting of their peers and colleagues.

#3. May I Have the Envelope, Please? –  Presentation is everything. The delivery should be more than a simple passing of the award. Consider riling up the crowd and building up their energy and excitement for the big moment. Not only will this delight the recipient, it will also give their peers an opportunity to feel invested in the moment and in the achievement as well.

#4. Quality Matters – Be sure to select an award whose quality reinforces the significance of the occasion, like a recognition award from Lane Award. If you are looking to instill a sense of pride and accomplishment, it is imperative that the award represents and encompasses exactly that, in both content and composition.

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