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The Magic of ‘Forget Me Not’ Marketing

When it comes to building a top-notch business, it’s no secret that quality products, excellent service and industry knowledge are just a few examples of the basic prerequisites for success. But even after the blood, sweat and tears have all come together to create your perfect, ever-coveted, ‘grand-opening’ moment, the fact of the matter is… it’s only the beginning.

And while life on the silver screen will have you believe that if you build it, they will come, in the real world, it takes more than big dreams to build your base of customers and loyal clientele. And although there are many marketing avenues that are commonly used by almost every type of business out there, you may be surprised to learn that you’ve overlooked one of the most impactful methods of marketing available.

Lane Promotional Products

In the US, promotional products, also known as ‘ad specialties’, make up a $21 billion dollar industry and are used by virtually every type of business in America. Why? Items like mugs, pens and t-shirts are memorable and provide a better cost-per-impression for advertisers than almost every major marketing effort, including television ads, magazines and the internet.

The Power of Promotional Marketing

According to recent surveys, the primary reason that consumers give for acquiring and retaining a promotional product is the usefulness of the product. That means that your brand or business can become as familiar to your potential customers as the taste of their morning coffee that they pour into your promotional mug each day.

Among the highest ranking products in ‘usefulness’ are:

Computer Accessories
Browse our selection of LED USB Drives, USB Desk Fans, BlueTooth Speakers, and more!

Health & Safety Products
Browse our selection of First Aid Kits, First Aid Travel Sets, Sun-Relief Kits, and more!

Writing Utensils
Browse our selection of Stylus Pens, Ballpoint Pens, LED Pens and more!

Ready to Get Started?

The team at Lane Award is here to supply your company with over 100,000 promotional products. With so many ad specialties available, there is a huge opportunity for companies of all sizes to boost their ROI and leave a lasting impression on clients and potential customers.

Let the professionals at Lane Award help you create long-lasting relationships with clients through the power of promotional products!

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