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Midyear Performance & Program Assessments for Success

It’s official! The start of July means that we’re halfway through 2020, and it’s time to reflect on the progress we’ve made over the first two quarters of the year. For many companies, this means taking their periodic look at the performance of their employees to guide and track their continued growth, as well as to develop ways to assist them in moving beyond their comfort-zone in order to reach new heights.

Recognizing and honoring employees’ contributions will benefit organizations in many ways, such as:

• Increasing employee retention
• Maintaining a more engaged workforce
• Generating higher revenue

Millions of us tune in to various academy award shows each year to see actors and artists win the most coveted titles. However, organizations that understand the fact that everyone appreciates recognition, and those which have developed genuine, consistent Employee Recognition Programs, are able to continuously encourage employees to deliver stellar performances of their own year-round, resulting in outstanding professional gains, from employee happiness to customer satisfaction.

Lane Award Manufacturing helps both small and large companies succeed by experiencing the power of recognition. We are instrumental in providing organizations with the highest quality gifts, promotional items and personalized, handcrafted achievement awards. In addition, we assist you in developing individualized reward programs that specifically fit your organization’s needs and objectives.

There are many ideas for crafting highly customized award programs that truly inspire your employees to aim for the stars. Here are some of our favorites:

• Exemplary Leadership Award
• Outstanding Character Award
• Exceptional Tenure Award
• Most Improved Employee Award
• Overachiever Award
• Employee of the Year Award
• Employee of the Month Award
• Outstanding Customer Service Award
• Sales Award
• Mentorship Award
• Years of Service Award
• Most Dedicated Employee Award
• Anniversary Awards

We invite you to partner with Lane Award Manufacturing in your efforts to improve employee performance and help you maximize the success of your business. Whatever recognition challenges your company may face, Lane Award Manufacturing has the solution!