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Mistakes to Avoid When Recognizing Outstanding Employees

Recognition Awards Lane AwardOrganizations of today have come to realize the long-range effects that the impact of recognizing outstanding employees can have on their companies. Companies that are well ahead of their competition are able to do so because they know that people who are genuinely honored and recognized for their outstanding contributions maintain a high level of respect for the company they work for, and these employees strive to uphold a level of excellence that ensures continued recognition.

When a company has established itself to be one that demonstrates a level of high expectations, outstanding employees rise to the occasion and companies begin to recruit some of the best players in their field of expertise to their organization.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when recognizing outstanding employees:

Recognize the Go-Getters: It is key to remember that employees are keenly aware of the outstanding go-getters and they are also aware of the ones that are just ‘waiting for Friday to roll around.’ When organizations reward everyone for simple tasks, or dole out lots of praise for ordinary performance, it sends a message that ‘whatever we do warrants praise, and therefore there’s no need to truly shine.’ This causes your outstanding go-getters to seek employment elsewhere so that they can truly feel their contributions are worthy of the organizations they are giving their time and talent to. Organizations will begin to lose star employees and will find it difficult to retain quality workers.

Make Recognition Awards Count: For truly special recognition, be sure to put some real thought behind the gift or award you will present your outstanding employees with that shows how much you value their contribution. When you are presenting your best—you want to give your best! Lane Award has an impeccable array of truly unique gifts and awards that can be personalized to fit any occasion, event or recognition program. From our individual, personalized gifts section to our outstanding elegant crystal and glass, our genuine handcrafted hardwood plaques or our sleek and modern acrylic awards, we’ll help you choose the reward/award that is right for you.

When you elect Lane Award, you will stand out from your competition as a leader in your field that knows how to appreciate your team with quality products that they will cherish for a lifetime.