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National Employee Appreciation Day Is March 3rd

It’s no secret that we’ve all witnessed the difficult changes that have been required for both large and small businesses across the globe in recent years. Many companies have undergone a massive downturn resulting in record layoffs, in some cases, of entire departments. This, coupled with the ‘Great Resignation,’ a term used to define a record number of employees who have quit their jobs in search of greener pastures, has left many companies with the increasingly more difficult challenge of obtaining—and retaining—outstanding employees.

Did you know that one of the top reasons that employees cite for leaving their employment is a feeling of not having been recognized for their contributions? Unfortunately, too many companies do not realize that a little recognition goes a long way.

Everyone wants to feel that their input is valued, has merit, or will at least be given some serious consideration by the ‘powers that be’. And sometimes, just having an acknowledgement of the efforts that one has put forth can make all the difference for your dedicated employee.

It has been proven that increased motivation oftentimes leads to increased performance, and our very recent history shows us that recognition has never been more important than it is today.

Lane Award Manufacturing feels: “When you show your employees and customers how much you value them, those rewards come back to you in the form of higher productivity, increased sales, and greater customer satisfaction.”

Lane Award has a goal to provide businesses, companies, and corporations with all the assistance you need to quickly and successfully implement recognition programs that are designed for your specific goals. Developing an Awards/Recognition program will assist you to obtain and retain employees who feel truly appreciated and who are always aiming to showcase your business in its best light.

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