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New Year’s Resolutions for Your Inner-Professional: Create Your Best Year Yet

As yet another wonderful year winds down, having enjoyed an unforgettable holiday, it gives many of us pause to stop and reflect on the changes we’ve experienced these past twelve months. We look back on the ebb and flow of what has transpired over the year and vow to create the change needed in order to make our lives more purposeful, more enjoyable, and more fulfilling.  

Aside from the typical classics — ‘Get healthier,’ ‘Lose weight,’ ‘Travel abroad,’ or ‘Check off the ‘carpe diem’ list of must-do adventures,’ —many people tend to take on the motto of ‘New Year, New Career’ more enthusiastically at the start of a new year. Understandably so, since it is widely accepted for the most part that in order to experience progressive change—we must first seek and create it.

Here are some great New Year’s resolutions for the workplace that can boost your levels of success!

#1. Review areas at your workplace where you’d like to better exhibit your talents and skills. Perhaps there are openings in departments you’ve longed to apply to, that you simply never took advantage of. Make 2019 the year that you empower yourself to utilize the ever-present opportunities available to you.

#2. Complete a ‘Self-Assessment’ that showcases what you’ve learned during your tenure, and be sure to include mentions of the viable ideas you’ve presented to your company. Include skills and areas of expertise of which your managers may have previously been unaware. Establish a date to meet with your manager to review the information and arrange to have the document included in your records or employee profile. Communicate your intentions. Encourage your manager to keep you in mind as a candidate whom they can recommend highly, as new opportunities of interest arise.

#3. Learn a new skill. Does your place of employment offer training courses, certification programs or ‘Learn and Grow’ opportunities that are career boosters for you? If so, plan to take a course, learn a new skill or gain certifications in areas that will put you on the path of advancement.

Keep in mind that whatever your professional aspirations, there is no downside to personal or professional growth, skill honing, or talent expansion. Be sure to enact these tips for success throughout the year and prepare to marvel at year’s end at how far you’ve come!