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Simple Techniques to Remain Optimistic in The Workplace

Are you the type of employee who starts counting down to Friday by mid-morning Monday? Do you lament how short the breaks are as you look for various ways to extend them? It can be challenging at times to think of creative ways to remain optimistic and upbeat with your work over the months and years.
Here are a few suggestions that can assist you in doing just that!

• Review various opportunities and benefits that you may be able to take advantage of at your place of employment. Are there other departments that do what you may have an interest in? Perhaps you have a specific set of skills that would allow you to flex your muscles in a whole new way? Consider the process you’d need to complete in order to be a candidate for transitioning into a role that truly speaks to your professional goals and desires.

• Are there areas in your present position where you can make improvements? Perhaps you’ve come up with a process that you’ve been mulling over that would make tasks and duties run more efficiently, or that may use less time and fewer resources? Begin to share them with key players in your organization and if applicable, ensure you’re a key player in helping to implement the changes. Feeling good about your impact and contributions is an excellent way to get your heart back in the game at work.

• Prior to your annual review and throughout the year, partner with your supervisor or manager to work on goals that will assist you in staying ahead of the curve, being prepared for changes, and allow you to stay on track with your career aspirations. See feedback as a positive tool—used to implement ways for you to make the changes necessary to propel you towards your goals.

• Rearrange your work area: Are you constantly stretching to reach for items that you need on a daily basis? Are you sitting or standing in a way that puts a strain on your back, neck and shoulders? Consider rearranging your work area in such a way that these issues can be reduced or eliminated altogether. For many people, you’re at work for one-third of the day, so ensuring that you’re as comfortable as possible can help you to maintain a healthy physical AND mental state.

• Seek training and support: When faced with a new challenge or tasked with a project you’re unfamiliar with, don’t be afraid to ask for the proper guidance from someone who can show you the ropes. Asking others who are also in uncharted waters will only frustrate the situation and add unneeded stress. Keep in mind that seeking assistance lets your supervisors know that you are empowered enough to position yourself for success. Do not be afraid to ask them to specifically define what the outcome of the desired project should be, and what particular role or contribution your input should entail. A good leader will see this type of clarity seeking as a sign of proactive initiative and professional intelligence.

Incorporating these tips alongside your own intuition and personal drive will assist you in developing a new, positive perspective towards your career, which will, in turn, allow you to begin to create a better working environment for both yourself and those around you.