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The Power of Employee Appreciation

When was the last time you paused to express gratitude to the hardworking administrative members of your organization? These unsung heroes play a vital role in keeping everything running smoothly, from organizing your tasks and managing your time to handling day-to-day details and more. Taking a moment to thank them isn’t just a nice gesture; it holds great significance.

Beyond the obvious reasons that they contribute so much to your daily life, showing appreciation matters for several key reasons. Firstly, expressing thanks demonstrates that you genuinely care about and value their efforts. It lets them know that their work is noticed and appreciated. Secondly, it ensures that they don’t feel taken for granted, boosting their morale and motivation to continue doing an excellent job.

In many growing businesses, employees may start with unclear roles and titles, but as the company expands, their responsibilities often grow without appropriate recognition or salary adjustments. A new hire who joined as an administrative assistant may end up handling diverse roles like receptionist, office manager, personnel liaison, event planner, and social media coordinator. While opportunities for career growth are essential, it’s crucial to bridge the gap between increased responsibilities and compensation.

While expressions of gratitude should never replace fair compensation, acknowledging their hard work can make a significant difference during transitional periods. Recognizing their efforts helps foster a positive work environment, bridging the divide between rising expectations and delayed pay increases.

Administrative employees play an essential role in the entire office’s functioning, often working behind the scenes. Their magic touch impacts various aspects of the organization, even if it goes unnoticed at times. So, when you witness them going above and beyond for the sake of the business or discover their role in organizing those last-minute travel arrangements, don’t hesitate to offer a heartfelt ‘thank you!’

To take your appreciation to the next level, consider honoring your administrative superhero with a personalized recognition award. Lane Award offers high-quality, customized awards that can serve as a lasting symbol of your gratitude and acknowledgment of their exceptional dedication.

Remember, expressing gratitude should be an ongoing practice rather than limited to a designated day of the year. It strengthens bonds, promotes a positive work culture, and motivates your administrative team to continue excelling in their invaluable support.