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3 Brilliant Rewards That Motivate Employees

The power of motivation is a widely known phenomenon. It has been proven time after time that motivated employees tend to be more productive, more efficient, and more effective than their unmotivated peers. In the past, it was widely believed that employees were best motivated by mere monetary rewards, but today, it is becoming more and more evident that employees in the workplace tend to gain a considerably greater sense of motivation from proper recognition. As an employer, it is important to have a clear understanding as to which recognition-based rewards can be the most successful in motivating your employees.

Here are some favorites from Lane Award:

1. A Sense of Purpose: When rewarding an employee for their contributions, consider recognizing those elements that are both beneficial to the company, as well as important to the individual achieving them. When your employee feels that he or she has a chance to accomplish something of true value, or something that actually matters in the grand scheme of things, the motivation to excel will be intrinsically greater. In other words, they believe that the job they are doing has a real purpose in life and is worth devoting their time, attention, and energy to achieving.

2. A Sense of Distinction: For many employees, the motivation that comes with being recognized as a valued member of the company is far more important than any monetary reward they may receive. While it is fun to receive a bonus as part of an employee recognition program, many employees often find considerably more motivation and feel more pride simply by seeing themselves recognized as one of the company’s top employees. This will frequently inspire him or her, as well as their peers, to make a conscious effort to work harder to achieve success.

3. A Sense of Accomplishment: The innate motivation that comes with achieving a true sense of accomplishment is often very strong and long-lasting. For instance, an employee may experience a feeling of genuine satisfaction after breaking a team record, or developing a successful workflow strategy. Some employees are extremely motivated simply by the knowledge that the level of work he or she is performing meets or exceeds company standards, as well as their own personal standards. The strong sense of pride and satisfaction that comes with a job really well done is dynamically complemented by resulting recognition.

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