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5 Creative Gifts for Clients & Colleagues

When you’re looking for practical and creative gifts for clients and colleagues, you may find yourself unsure as to what the general rules of thumb entail. You may also find it difficult to determine what exactly each individual may truly enjoy.

While offering a corporate gift to a client can help create a positive association with your company and brand (which can result in continued business and customer loyalty), your colleagues love to be remembered on special occasions as well.

So, what can you offer them?

The truth is, in today’s busy and highly technical world, many professionals are faced with a new type of business, with fewer in-person interactions, and a more remote client base. This can lead to more formal client-business relationships, and less intimate knowledge of what may be best received as a token of acknowledgement or appreciation.

Luckily, there’s a way to give one-of-a-kind creative gifts to your clients and colleagues, even if you have not yet had the opportunity to discover more about them on an individual basis.

Here are five creative gifts to consider:

#1: Personalized Clock

Regardless of the gender or age of your recipient, a personalized clock makes for an outstanding gift idea, especially if the occasion is celebrating the length of that particular business relationship or position.

Simply choose the desired material and style, as well as your special message to have engraved (for example, your company name, their name, or even an original personal inscription, from you to them), and you’re ready to wow your recipient with an expression of appreciation and elegance.

Perfect for showcasing on their desktop or in their workspace, a personalized clock is a truly timeless gift, suitable for any valued individual in your personal or professional sphere.

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#2: Personalized Crystal Champagne Flutes

If your client or colleague loves enjoying a nice bottle of champagne, consider gifting them with an amazing set of personalized crystal champagne flutes!

Give them the gift of social elegance with a dazzling pair or foursome of crystal flutes for a celebratory toast that can be both seen and heard. And be sure to add that amazing personal touch by inscribing a customized message, their name, or your company’s name, as a reminder to the occasion.

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#3: Personalized Flower Vase

Many people love receiving flowers, especially when the receipt takes place in an appropriate public setting. From their look, to their smell, to their color, flowers can bring a smile to almost any face. However, when choosing to send flowers for a significant occasion, the fact of the matter is they don’t last for very long.

So, why not offer something that can stand the test of time instead, like a beautiful, personalized flower vase?

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#4: Personalized Picture Frame

A picture is worth a thousand words. And for those truly memorable moments, many professionals enjoy displaying their photographs across their desk and office.

And with a variety of styles and materials to choose from, there’s a personalized picture frame perfect for any workspace or setting. From the classic, wooden frame to the more modern or glitzy design, nothing honors life’s precious moments like a truly stunning display.

With an endearing message from you to your recipient, a customized picture frame is the perfect gift for any family, friend, colleague or client.

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#5: Personalized Candy Jar

Many people just love a good sweet from time to time, and your client or your colleague is likely no exception. Instead of expressing your appreciation with a one-time treat of candy or chocolates, why not make a lasting impression with a darling, personalized candy jar?

Your recipient will enjoy a decorative reminder of your thoughtful gesture and genuine appreciation, while having the freedom to fill their treasure with whatever sweets and treats they enjoy the most.

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