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5 Must-Have Qualities for Excellent Leadership

Effective Communication: Effective communication is arguably the most important quality of a successful leader. A leader must know how to communicate with a widely diverse array of personalities in many different settings, and sometimes, under pressure. It is important that leaders develop clear and concise ways to lucidly delegate tasks and manage goals and expectations. Strong communication is the key to successfully achieving these vital responsibilities.

Compassion: John C. Maxwell said: “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” Compassion and empathy are essential in good leadership. Individuals are often more motivated when they know that their interests and worries are addressed. If employees feel that you care about their individual goals, they are more likely to help you achieve yours.

Open Mind: Leading is about bringing out the best in the group. This means embracing new ideas and opportunities. Though a leader may delegate tasks and state goals, it is important to understand that the path to achieving these is multi-faceted. A great leader must open the discussion for new ideas and be willing to embrace the good ones. This is a key component to optimizing success as a leader.

Knowledge: In order to remain on the ball, a good leader must be well informed at all times. This means staying in the know about all new and relevant information out there through research, seminars, conferences, etc. This also means being knowledgeable as to all pertinent events, roll-outs, and initiatives on the horizon, both within your company and throughout the industry alike.

Gratitude: Every good leader must know how to give thanks where it is due. Gratitude and recognition motivate employees to be competitive and to achieve above and beyond what is required of them. If you want to inspire your staff as well as increase your bottom line, employee recognition is the way to do it!

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