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Make Your Small Business a Big Deal w/ Lane Promotional Products

So you’ve finally done it. You’ve taken your blood, sweat and tears and you’ve turned it your very own business. Your company is your brainchild, and just like any proud parent, you’re ready to show off your baby to the world. And just as you wouldn’t serve a culinary masterpiece on a paper plate, you wouldn’t dream of broadcasting your brand across a low quality product.

That’s where Lane Award comes in.

At Lane Award Manufacturing, we take pride in producing one-of-a-kind promotional products with world class quality, personalized with your brand or business. With options ranging from tote bags to umbrellas, the team at Lane Award is sure to have exactly what you need to take your marketing to the next level.

Here are a few product ideas to get you started:

Apparel – Wearing your heart on your sleeve is fine. Wearing your logo on your sleeve is better. Let the team at Lane Award help bring your brand to life by creating customized apparel with your company name, logo or tagline.

Pens – Words are a powerful thing. So why not let your pens do the talking before they ever touch the paper. With business branded pens from Lane Award, you’ll always have something fun and affordable for your customers to remember you by, right at your fingertips.

Mugs – Over 80% of adults in the U.S. drink coffee. Let your company name or logo be the first thing your customers see in the morning with a customized mug by Lane Award. With a variety of styles and sizes, our team can help give your business a double shot of exposure day after day.

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