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Boosting Employee Morale:

It’s difficult for businesses to run effectively or smoothly if their employees are unhappy. Morale has a huge impact when it comes to a company’s success. Employees who are unmotivated, dissatisfied or unhappy generally do not perform at the same level as motivated, enthusiastic employees. Part of the business of running an organization is to improve employee morale, which in turn, assists in keeping performance levels high. Here are some strategies to improve employee morale.

Supply Positive, Effective Feedback: This allows the opportunity for open and honest communication between manager and employee. Ensure that you supply constructive criticism—which means showing how an area can be improved upon or offering feasible solutions to what needs to be changed.

Invest in Employee Training: It is always a good idea for organizations to have opportunities for employees to increase their skills. Investing in online courses where employees are able to move at a comfortable pace increases morale and allows employees to review and consider other departments or further develop skillsets in which they may have an interest.

Acknowledge Outstanding Performance: When employees take pride in their work, increase sales, or extend excellent customer service, they should be celebrated. Whether it’s a simple gesture of stopping by to acknowledge their performance, receiving a ‘traveling trophy’ or being recognized at a specific event or ceremony, it’s important that businesses grasp the importance of recognition. Not only does this encourage the recipient to strive to continue on the upward path of excellence, it makes others aware that efforts and achievements are being recognized so that they too, can begin to participate in delivering a stellar performance.

Research shows that environments that exhibit a high morale consistently benefit from less stress and burn-out, which in turn means higher productivity, due to reduced turnover and absenteeism. This also allows such organizations to outperform competitors, thus maximizing their retention, their profits and their overall success.

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