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How to Create a Fun and Memorable Recognition Ceremony

happy-corporate-audienceIf you have ever been among the many hardworking employees who have yet to experience the power of a brilliantly executed recognition ceremony, the very thought may foster an automatic feeling of dread or apprehension. That’s why at Lane Award, we work hard to give our clients everything they need to bring to life an award ceremony that’ll leave even the most critical of skeptics dazzled and inspired. With just a few tips and tidbits of advice, Lane Award can help prepare you for delivering the most memorable recognition event that your company has ever experienced.

Take your award ceremony skills to instant guru status in no time with these fun tips by Lane Award:

Romance Your Audience. No matter who they are or what their role is within the company, people want to feel involved. Help your audience get engaged and fully absorbed in the moment by decorating their seating areas with fun and simple treats. Small gifts or goodies are a simple way to acknowledge everyone’s role in the big-picture successes that you’ve all come together to celebrate. Set up designated ‘social areas’ for your audience to enjoy prior to kicking off the program to engender a spirit of camaraderie and unity across all members of your professional team. This will also help to keep their palates satisfied and allow for them to focus all of their attention on the excitement at hand.

Make a Scene. While there’s no need to cue the circus acts, it’s always a good idea to actively entertain your guests. Be sure to captivate your audience from the moment of their arrival by creating a fun and festive atmosphere. After all, it is a celebration! Reinforce the celebratory sentiment with an exuberant welcome such as an entryway salutation from your company’s top executives. Remember, the art of meaningful recognition should never be restricted to the stage. Generously offer personal greetings and informal acknowledgements that help foster a positive, personable vibe. You can make your guests feel exceptionally valued by extending to them a grand welcome. Any ceremony can become a perpetually treasured experience when you put in the effort to make your visitors feel like the star of the show.

Give Them Something to Behold. One of the most significant methods of hosting a ceremony that is fun and memorable is to present your honorees with high quality recognition awards that represent the grandeur of the moment. As the symbol at the center of it all, an award’s appearance can single-handedly captivate your audience. Whether your honorees’ accomplishments call for a prestigious plaque, an elegant acrylic or an expertly framed certificate of achievement, the world-class quality of a Lane Award will speak volumes to the occasion. Choosing a superlatively crafted award will not only enchant your audience, but will also express to your recipient a warm gratitude whose sincerity is deeply rooted and evident at first sight.

And remember, true success is always a team effort. Gratitude that is widely expressed will be widely appreciated. Energize your closing remarks by acknowledging the efforts of the whole to inspire a viral sense of pride and motivation whose reach is company-wide.

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