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Five Feats Fit for Recognition

At Lane Award Manufacturing, we understand the power of proper employee recognition. That is why we strive for excellence when providing services and tools conducive to sustaining a positive and productive atmosphere in your place of business.

In order to get the most out of your employee recognition efforts, it’s important to choose an award whose quality and composition fully embody the magnitude of the occasion. It is also important to celebrate feats that are both meaningful to the company as well as to the individual being recognized. And while the traditional broad-spectrum achievements (such as ‘Employee of the Month’, etc.) are generally highly esteemed and well-received, there is an immeasurable amount of value in highlighting more niche and personalized achievements as well.

As every company is unique in its own right, there is no shortage of possibilities to choose from when selecting criteria for the basis of your recognition efforts. And to get the ball rolling, here are five feats to consider honoring at your next employee recognition ceremony:

Intrepid Initiative Award

Have an employee whose legendary can-do attitude has continuously resulted in gains and progress beyond the call of duty? Consider recounting the grandest triumphs of your proactive performer while presenting them with an Intrepid Initiative Award that’s as dynamic as they are.

Iconic Innovator Award

Does your company continue to evolve due to the brilliance of your forward-thinking visionary? For the master of innovative solutions, consider recognizing the fruits of their labor with an Iconic Innovator Award at your next ceremony.

Retention Warrior Award

In this highly competitive world, sometimes it takes more than good service to retain your customers. Oftentimes, you may have just one shot at sustaining a client’s loyalty once a competitor has swooped in to woo them. If your business continues to thrive from the dedication and determination of your customer loyalty guru, consider showcasing their invaluable contributions with a Retention Warrior Award.

Polymathic Performer Award

Does your team include an exceptionally versatile performer who always steps up wearing a multitude of hats without breaking a sweat? Recognize the tireless efforts of your cross-functional superstar with a Polymathic Performer Award at your next recognition celebration.

Master of Morale Award

It’s been said that your attitude determines your altitude, and when it comes to your business, your employees are no exception. As happiness is a primary ingredient for productivity, the spirit and morale of your team plays a major factor in your overall success. For the uplifting individual whose positive contributions are a monsoon of motivation for the team, acknowledge their impact with a Master of Morale Award.

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