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How Recognition Can Help Create a Culture of Collaboration

Creating a culture of collaboration is a great goal for any organization. When employees feel confident and comfortable to offer their unique ideas based on their experiences and the company’s expectations – allowing organizations to thrive by implementing changes that assist workplaces to succeed – it allows opportunity for employee recognition and fosters growth in many areas. Recognizing and rewarding the outstanding efforts of employees ensures the overall success of your company. Let’s explore some ways to help create a culture of collaboration.

1) Communication: Communication is key for any relationship to work, and a working environment relationship is no different. Setting clear, concise expectations for the types of collaboration you’d like to have colleagues and co-workers experience, must first be conveyed, so that each member is aware of what those expectations are. This allows each member to take responsibility for their individual projects, while working together as a group to ensure all goals of your projects are met collectively. This also gives members on the team the time to bond, assist one another, building a sense of camaraderie and accountability.

2) Encourage Innovation: Allowing employees to brainstorm ideas and to develop unique ways to overcome challenges which your organization faces on a daily basis, is a great way to have solutions available to you, that otherwise may not be. Remember, it is those that are ‘in the trenches,’ that know the direction from whence you’re being fired upon. Encourage employees to speak freely about what can be improved upon and assist them in ways to be innovative in bringing those changes about. While ‘two heads are better than one,’ a collective group of like-minded individuals with a common goal, can tap into resources—individually and collectively, that will prove to make your company a success!

3) Increase Participation: Be sure that projects are inclusive, rather than exclusive. Create ways where everyone that wants to, can become involved at some level. Making sure that your ‘favorite’ employee isn’t the only one that is always chosen for each call for volunteers. Get to know your employees and what drives and motivates them. Develop projects that will interest and encourage them to participate, and remember to offer a recognition program that everyone will genuinely strive to be a potential recipient of.

Communication, Innovation and Participation—Three important areas in which you can begin to show recognition for your outstanding employees, while encouraging others to join the brigade in creating a culture of collaboration!

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