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Fun & Creative Ways to Recognize Your Peers

In the workforce of today, many of us spend almost as much time with our co-workers as we do with our families. In some cases, even more time is spent away from home than at home. While it’s essential for organizations and workplaces to have programs to recognize outstanding employee contributions and kudos, it is also a great idea to explore Peer Recognition opportunities in addition to the standard leadership managed accolades programs.

Peer Recognition is the sincere expression of appreciation exchanged between co-workers. Have you ever felt someone within your group has truly risen to the occasion? Took the necessary steps to ensure the success of a project? Perhaps they’ve offered to assist you on a program with a looming deadline?

Let’s explore some creative and fun ways to recognize your peers, which in turn, boosts morale and increases overall motivation for others to continue on an upward swing!

Traveling Trophy: Having a ‘Traveling Trophy,’ which travels from peer to peer, is a fun way for peers to honor the achievements of an individual. The recipient gets to keep the trophy for a specific period of time, or it can be held onto until a specific record—such as a sales goal, has been reached by another peer. Traveling trophies can be anything you’d like to have: a stuffed animal, an actual trophy or anything significant that you and your peers would like to proudly display as the recipient of the coveted trophy.

‘Thank You’ Notes/Cards: Keeping a set of ‘thank you’ notes, or a box of ‘thank you’ cards to place on the desks of your peers as the appropriate opportunities arise, with a hand-written, personalized note from you, goes a long way. Just think, in today’s fast-paced world with billions of e-mails, texts, and tweets whizzing by, how many of us receive a genuine, personal note to praise us for a job well done? You may even be surprised to learn that some peers keep these treasured mementos over time, as a reminder of what they have accomplished, and the impact it has made on others.

The ‘Welcome-To-It-Jar’: In almost every workplace, there’s the person who has a treasure trove of goodies displayed in a prominent area on their desk, that everyone is welcome to partake in. Filled with goodies of mini-chocolates, breath mints, chewing gum or even healthier snacks, it is always a welcomed sight for peers to look forward to when they’re needing just a little something to get them through the day. In most cases, this allows you a chance to get to know your peers on a deeper professional level as they stop by for a quick pick-me-up, and perhaps a few words of encouragement when the occasion calls for it. You could even find out what most of your peers would like to have, and stock the jar accordingly to help encourage your colleagues to stop by. Remember, this too can be a ‘peer effort,’ and perhaps you can have others join you in bringing in various treats as time goes by.

Remember, it is always a great honor to be recognized by your peers, and this morale-boosting initiative can start with you!

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