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Habits to Stay Ahead of the Curve for Workplace Recognition

Many people are amazed to discover simple rules that would assist them to develop habits to help with achieving workplace recognition.

Here, we’ll showcase three simple, easy-to-implement techniques that you can begin incorporating at your place of employment to ensure you rise above the crowd.

1) Communicate Your Progress and Accomplishments Directly To Your Manager:

Rather than simply going above & beyond the call of duty, begin documenting the progress you’ve made since your initial employment with the company and any achievements you’ve had thus far. It’s one thing for your manager to hear praise and to receive compliments regarding your work, but taking the initiative to meet with your manager to highlight the value you bring to the company overall, not only shows how committed you are, but that you’ve genuinely taken an active interest in your duties, and allows you time to share with your manager, what your future goals within the organization may be. This will give your manager a much clearer picture of how to successfully assist you in that area.

2) Check Out the Various Employee Recognition Programs Your Company May Offer:

See where your skills and interests may fit into these specific categories, to keep you catapulted towards the cream of the crop! Does your company have a showcase that highlights customers’ kudo’s to you? Be sure that yours gets noticed! Not getting enough “official kudo’s?” Don’t be shy! When customers rave about your service, your skills, your assistance, politely ask them to leave a message on your manager’s voicemail. This would do wonders for both you and your manager as you prepare for your annual review. An added bonus is that your colleagues and other managers will begin to see that you’re not “just another face in the crowd.”

3) Review Your Company’s Opportunities for Volunteer Activities:

Choose those that are events or causes that genuinely resonate with you and then, offer to spearhead an activity. Usually there are monthly, quarterly or annual events for which your company is partnered with others, to achieve a common objective. This gives you plenty of time to choose one of your interests and prepare to get involved. And guess what? Your company highlights these events via websites, social media and internal bulletin boards using pictures, videos & sound-bites showcasing the employees that helped make the event a success! Not only have you given yourself the opportunity to stand out within your company structure, but the organizations that your company has partnered with may showcase your contribution of time, talent and skills through their mediums as well!

So…what are you waiting for? Elect to make these simple “Habits to Stay Ahead of the Curve for Workplace Recognition,” a part of your arsenal for success, and not only will you be outstanding in your field, but we’ll soon see YOU…at the top!