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‘Organize’ Your Way to Success

When it comes to strategic success, staying organized in the bustling arena of business is key to maximizing efficiency and productivity. The lack of proper organization acts as a breeding ground for chaos, and chaos is the enemy of triumph. Once one learns to establish and maintain a work mentality of organization and order, they are often surprised to learn that in addition to the benefits of higher productivity, their workdays become less stressful, more enjoyable, and significantly more impactful.

When you take control of your professional endeavors with proper planning and meticulous management of both your time and your space, you may find yourself capable of far larger career strides than ever before imagined.

Here are a few ways to help get you organized:

Make a Plan
Make a daily plan, and even a weekly plan. This will help you stay organized by presenting you with your full docket of tasks in a clear, concise, and bite-sized manner. Be sure to place your plan somewhere highly visible, where you will see it every day, such as your desktop, a whiteboard, or a daily calendar.

Utilize Apps
There are so many apps at your fingertips just waiting to make your life easier. There are calendar apps, reminder apps, scheduling apps, and even apps that pertain to your particular job to help you stay on top of things. Technology is here to help us and make our lives easier, so be sure to take full advantage of it in the workplace as well.

Avoid Multitasking
Some people claim to be great multitaskers. But the truth is that when you’re multitasking, you really aren’t giving 100% of your effort to each task. Instead of trying to get everything done at once, commit to tackling one task at a time so that you aren’t overwhelmed and under-focused. When you take on one thing at a time, you are able to give it 100% effort and your full attention.

Stay on Top of Your Inbox
It isn’t just about size, it’s about sorting. Keeping a tidy inbox can be a powerful tool for maintaining organization in your digital and mental space. Archive nonactionable emails and make sure to prioritize your important items accordingly. Getting back to people in a timely manner will help you from feeling overwhelmed as new emails continue to roll in. Make it a habit to check in on your emails periodically throughout the day and reserve some time for closing out all actionable items daily.

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