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The Art of Recognition: Choosing the Perfect Award

PERSONALITY. It’s a word we’ve all heard a thousand times in our day to day lives – and a word we’ve all used a thousand more. But what, exactly, is encompassed by this vague yet frequently referenced assessment of identity?

In simplest terms, personality is defined as “the visible aspect of one’s character as it impresses others.”

And it’s not just for describing other people. Think about cars, for instance. It’s not uncommon to hear a car aficionado refer to a certain model as ‘fun,’ ‘cool,’ ‘sporty,’ or ‘sophisticated.” And while the primary purpose of a car is to take us places, getting there is only half the fun. Getting there in style is an entirely different experience.

And just as an automobile is a vehicle for transportation, an award is a vehicle for imparting recognition. Shouldn’t your vehicle of appreciation be both functional and stylish?

Here are a few tips on selecting an award with the right personality:

For recognition intended for edgier, more striking accolades, consider an award with a bold personality, like the Color Carve Acrylic Award by Lane Award™. Such awards are often revered for their unique cuts and asymmetric settings, making them the perfect selection for recognizing distinctive and unique achievements.

Some recognition events require an award whose personality is as distinguished and commanding as that of its recipient. For ceremonies honoring the legacy makers among us, consider an award with a prestigious personality, like the Rosewood Piano Plaque with Raised Glass, by Lane Award™.

If you’re looking to awe an audience with an award that is brilliantly captivating, try selecting an award with a radiant personality, like the Covet Award by Lane Award™. True to its name, our Covet Award delivers a glowing wave of recognition for your most accomplished shining stars.

And remember, if you have questions regarding which award is right for you, our Lane Award™ team of professionals is committed to providing the personalized service you need for selecting the perfect award for your audience, your recipient and their achievement.

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