Cast Eagle Standing Award w/ Slide-In Plate Holders


Generously equipped with twelve slide-in plate holders, the Cast Eagle Standing Award by Lane Award showcases a full roster of greatness for your ever-evolving team of honorees. Available in black, gold or silver, the plate holders are masterfully aligned in two uniformed columns, complemented by an eminently exalted figure of the eagle (in your choice of antique gold with a brushed gold plate, or antique silver with a brushed silver plate), wings raised proudly in a posture of regal esteem. Spanning a full foot in length and 11” in height, the Cast Eagle Standing Award w/ Slide-In Plate Holders is a powerful, eye-catching masterpiece perfect for honoring those most deserving of prestigious recognition.

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Additional information

12” x 11” H

Eagle Color / Plate Color

Antique Gold Eagle / Brushed Gold Plate, Antique Silver Eagle / Brushed Silver Plate

Overlay Plate Color:

Brushed Gold, Brushed Silver

Underlay Plate Color:

Gloss Black

Plate Holder Color

Black, Gold, Silver