Laser Engraved Gavel Plaque


Our 9″ x 12″ Laser Engraved Gavel Plaque has been skillfully carved onto rich, high-quality wood with the dynamic precision of expertly operated lasers. The traditional and powerful prestige of the Laser Engraved Gavel Plaque is beautifully diversified by a remarkable array of options, including various plate colors (brushed copper, black brass, gloss black and beyond) as well as a multitude of laser overlay color selections (forest green, sunflower yellow, vivid blue and more). Let the outstanding feats of your brilliant honoree be justly honored with the astonishing display of appreciation of the Laser Engraved Gavel Plaque by Lane Award.

Additional information

9” x 12”

Plate Color:

black brass, brushed blue, brushed copper, brushed gold, brushed red, brushed silver, gloss black, gloss brown

Laser Color Overlay:

none, brushed gold, brushed silver, brushed copper, tomato red, vivid blue, teal, geranium red, purple, white, burgundy, sunflower yellow, orange, forest green, green