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Promote Community Spirit with Recognition Awards by Lane Award

Your community is important in many ways. It’s more than just a place wherein our homes and schools are situated; a community is about the people who live, work and support one another within a unifying space that they all call ‘home.’ And like many great things, our community serves us best when we, in return, serve our community.

A well-served community is one where everyone participates, and some of those individuals go above and beyond what is expected of them. Recognizing these individuals with meaningful, high quality awards can have a tremendous effect on the entire community. Unfortunately, in communities lacking cohesion and spirit, the detrimental effects are just as widely endured. Such communities tend to have a higher crime rate, with a corresponding lack of respect for both people and property. However, when communities take pride in their surroundings, and recognize the importance of the positive efforts of the dedicated people within it, remarkable things can happen.

When people realize that their contributions are not only noticed, but appreciated, the result tends to proliferate throughout the community. From youth clubs to independent organizations, people will become inspired to find new and worthwhile ways to support their community and make a positive difference.

To maximize the effectiveness of community spirit awards, be sure to consider the following tips:

1. Spread the Word. It is important that everyone within the community not only knows about the opportunity for recognition, but also the selection process and the reasons behind it. The better the underlying goals of the community recognition program are understood, the greater and more resounding the nominations will be.

2. Set an Appropriate Timeline. Amazing things can happen, but oftentimes, it won’t be overnight. Be sure to allow enough time for the community to observe the contributions of the potential nominees so that they are able to nominate those they believe to be most deserving of the recognition awards.

3. Use Diverse Award Categories. Be sure to give everyone a fair shot at recognition by categorizing contributions in a way that allows efforts to be assessed ‘apples to apples.’ Remember, some contributions may not be as readily visible as others, even though their impact may be just as profound, or greater.

4. Give Awards Worthy of the Efforts. The recognition awards themselves must be worth winning. While individuals and community groups do not generally undertake such work for the recognition, any acknowledgement should be as memorable as the contribution itself. High quality recognition awards by Lane Award are the perfect way to express the depths of the community’s incredible gratitude for the efforts of those being honored.

Recognizing those who go the extra mile in their communities with a high quality, personalized award or trophy not only celebrates their achievement, but also encourages others to follow their example.

The team at Lane Award is here to help you create a community awards program that inspires a new generation of greatness across your entire community.

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