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Quarterly Goals Can Mean Year-long Success

We should all have plans for our lives, no matter how simple or grand they may be. However, when focusing on any goals, there are certain pitfalls we should actively look to avoid. Like New Year’s resolutions, goals can be quickly forgotten and discarded as time goes by, and may even be inadvertently downgraded from an active goal to an arbitrary line item on a ‘Bucket List,’ with no real plan of action for achievement.

Implementing a quarterly goal system will allow you to experience just how easy it is to maintain your focus, your drive and your determination to succeed, because your goal is never too far off in the distance. This finite time span also keeps you from looking ahead and becoming discouraged by the ‘big picture,’ as you instead focus with laser-like precision on the tasks directly at hand.

There are many reasons why people do not reach their goals. Here, we’ll uncover two of the major mistakes most people make when drafting their goals, so that you can avoid these pitfalls and join the ranks of those who are consistently achieving success.

#1: Goals That Are Too Vague
You’ll want to be very detailed about your goal: what you plan to do, and when (as in, on what specific dates) you plan to do it. Goals that are vague are not goals you or anyone else can get excited about. Therefore, the statement: “I’m going to take some classes and get promoted at work,” gets replaced with: “I’m signing up to take the leadership class in two weeks, and I’ll apply for the new position to be posted next month.” The latter description truly gets you in the mood to look forward to accomplishing such a goal. A good way to remember this rule is to think: Specific Thoughts Yield Quicker Results!

#2: Goals That Appear Too Big
It has been said to ‘Begin with the End in Mind,’ but too often, people become paralyzed when looking at the ‘big picture.’ Suddenly, your goal seems too overwhelming and too challenging to tackle. It’s important to realize that beginning with the end in mind refers to the end of the journey, AFTER you’ve completed the steps to actually get there. Dividing your goals into quarterly, 90-day segments assists you in enjoying the journey rather than being stressed along your path, by allowing you to focus on just the individual rungs rather than the full height of the ladder.

Looking to join the elite group of professionals who consistently hit their targets, and actually achieve their goals? Begin by avoiding these common pitfalls, and be ready to progress your way to success!