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4 Habits That Can Make You More Successful at Work

“We first make our habits, and then our habits make us.”
–John Dryden

When we hear the word ‘habit,’ many people have a tendency to equate it to a negative act, such as smoking, nail-biting or tardiness. But habits can also be positive, such as eating healthily, exercising daily or simply focusing on completing your goals.

Here are four habits that can make you more successful at work:

1. Timeliness: This is a key element for most employers when seeking outstanding individuals to join their team. Tasks, meetings and events have a specific window of time from start to finish to be completed, and it is imperative that organizations know you are dependable and will meet or exceed deadlines accordingly. Being ready to go to work at 8:00am sharp does not mean getting there at 8:00am and then going for your cup of coffee, sending a last-minute personal text or stopping to give a 5-minute greeting to a co-worker. Want to be the leader of the pack? Start with being cognizant of your timeliness and you’ll be ‘ahead’ of the game!

2. Attention to Detail: Staying mindful and focused on tasks allows you to complete them with accuracy and soon, this ‘habit’ will allow you to also finish them with speed. Developing an attention to detail may take some time in the beginning, but once established, you’re able to see things that others routinely miss and you’re able to self-correct items, before they come back to you for correction.

3. Productivity: Being able to produce, keep track of tasks, and do so with accuracy, speed and precision, are just the right elements that organizations seek in today’s employees. When executed consistently, these traits are usually rewarded in various ways. Remember, your bosses may have weekly, monthly and/or annual reports to make regarding each employee, and your talents in these areas are certain to be recognized and acknowledged as one that stands above the crowd.

4. Flexibility: In the ever-changing, fast-paced work environment, there are always new techniques, methods of work, or up-coming training requirements to assist us in continuing to keep a competitive edge over the competition. Learn to ‘flex’ your muscles when it comes to stretching yourself to new ideas, concepts and a different way of doing things. Don’t get stuck in the ‘usual way of doing business,’ when business itself is always evolving, always changing.

There are many other ‘habits’ you can begin to incorporate into your daily routine, such as: always conducting yourself in a professional manner that reflects your company’s mission and represents both you and the company in a positive manner; being accountable and consistent with your word; and many more.

Begin to focus on the habits you want to define you—and you’re well on your way to maximizing your professional success!