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Valuable Tips to Increase Employee Retention

Many companies are well aware that losing employees is not just bad for business, it can also undercut the morale of the remaining employees, especially if those leaving are among the cream of the crop. It requires precious time, funding and resources to replace the valuable members of your professional team who decide to opt out, and getting the new employees trained and prepped enough to be up and running independently can be a cumbersome endeavor.

Here are some tips to help keep your hardworking team and business thriving by improving employee retention:

• Be Selective When Hiring — This step is a crucial one. While it’s great to get referrals from employees already at your site, be sure that the person you’re planning to interview possesses the skills, experience and knowledge needed to fulfill the position you’re hiring them for. Ask questions that will give you some insight as to how well they may fit within the company culture, and how well they connect with your mission.

• Provide a Respectful and Safe Work Environment — All workplaces have the occasional ‘jokester’ that insists on sharing stories, anecdotes or jokes that easily offend, embarrass or simply are not ‘H.R.’ appropriate. Employees not only want to feel safe at work, they want to feel respected. And colorful language, lewd remarks or inappropriate behavior, even when not targeted directly at them, can cause discord in the workplace. Ensure that employees are acting appropriately, respectfully and professionally at all times. In today’s environment, an H.R. nightmare is something all companies should avoid—at all costs.

• Offer Great Training Opportunities — Many employees leave companies simply because there are no avenues for them to stretch their muscles for growth, leaving little room for improvement. People do not relish the thought that ‘someone must retire, get sick or expire’ before they’re given a chance for advancement. Keep your team inspired by providing fair and lucid opportunities for career building and role expansion.

• Recognize Employee Accomplishments — This step is one of the most important, and often overlooked, yet employees across the board that have experienced longevity with the companies they work for have expressed it as one of the primaries reasons why they have stayed with the organization. Whether a simple hand-written note, an acknowledgement of their achievements, a personalized gift, or a special event in their honor, employees appreciate being acknowledged and publicly appreciated.

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