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Let’s Talk About Employee Recognition

Employee recognition is the open acknowledgement and praise of employee achievement or behavior. Many professional organizations use employee recognition to express appreciation, reinforce desired behavior patterns and motivate employees.

There are many avenues to choosing which method may work best for your organization in regard to recognizing outstanding employees. Recognition ceremonies can be achieved in myriad fashions, from a black-tie formal affair, to a casual, on-site, workplace event.

In deciding which route to take, it is important to choose an avenue that will highlight exactly the mood and sentiment that you want to convey to the recipient of the award, as well as to the attendees present. You’ll also want to ensure that the overall presentation lends itself to motivate other associates to strive to deliver truly outstanding performances throughout the year.

Lane Award strives to partner with you to develop employee recognition programs that last for the lifetime of your organization, growing and adapting to accommodate the natural changes of your company through the years. We offer personalized gifts, promotional items and handcrafted awards that are tailored to fit your needs. Allow Lane Award to partner with you in your efforts to improve individual performance, build your business, boost employee morale, and assist you in rewarding the achievements and overall company successes accomplished by your outstanding employees.

As stated in our Lane Award President’s Message:

“While it is important to choose the right recognition programs, it’s equally critical to select the right company—and that company is Lane Award Manufacturing. We derive our own pride from creating and offering recognition that is worthy of your top achievers—that stands up to the closest examination in reflecting the value you place upon your organization.”

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