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Strategies to Gain and Maintain Employee Engagement, Pt. 2

Employee engagement is closely linked with the overall organizational performance of employees, individually—and collectively. Organizations with truly engaged employees have higher employee satisfaction, enjoy increased employee retention, and experience a higher rate of profitability, productivity, growth, and customer satisfaction. Conversely, companies with disengaged employees oftentimes suffer from increased absenteeism and are left with employees who deliver lower productivity, resulting in a negative impact on organizational success and the company’s bottom line.

Here is part two of our two-part article showcasing key strategies to gain and retain employee engagement.

Ensure opportunities for development and advancement: Many employees are happy to ‘start somewhere’ as long as there are opportunities within the organization’s structure that allow for development and have adequate room for advancement. Having systems, courses, and avenues in place that clearly define what is needed to excel through the ranks of a specific department or advance up the corporate ladder is something your dedicated employees will delight in taking full advantage of. Avoid advancement techniques where the rules change as you go or get entangled in murky corporate politics. While there may be legitimate reasons and ways to change requirements for specific job duties, be sure that all moving pieces are conveyed promptly and implemented appropriately.

Ensure that each employee has all the tools needed to complete their job. Be sure that your employees have all of the necessary tools to complete their tasks safely, efficiently and promptly. When certain items are required on a regular basis, ensure that employees have simple access to them and are knowledgeable on how to use them. When employees have to constantly request supplies and other basic tools, quite often they may begin to feel as if their role within the organization (or within a specific process) holds less importance than others. Furthermore, they may routinely spend valuable time searching for basics rather than achieving their tasks and professional goals.

Feeling valued by management and encountering a wealth of opportunities for professional growth and advancement are some of the top drivers of employee engagement. Begin to engage your employees and you’ll soon find that your organization is one that can deliver great customer service through outstanding performance from an incredible team of dedicated professionals.

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