z- Cantebury Frame Extended Vertical (closeout)


Carefully created with passion and grace, the Cantebury Frame (Extended Vertical) is both elegantly simple and strikingly exquisite. The spacious backdrop of the Cantebury Frame’s beautifully inlaid design creates a dedicated personalization area to its dazzling right-side region, perfect for your special inscription of choice. With sizes ranging from 6” by 6” to 11” by 12”, the lovely Cantebury Frame (Extended Vertical) is a delightful display for any photographic favorites, and the perfect gift idea for colleagues, family and friends.

Additional information

Holds 3” x 5” Photo / 6" x 6" Overall Size, Holds 4” x 6” Photo / 7" x 8" Overall Size, Holds 8” x 10” Photo / 11" x 12" Overall Size